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At Jones & Co Grocer, we care about sustainability and we are actively finding solutions to reduce our environmental footprint

Biodegradable Bags

To help reduce our impact on the environment, we have eliminated plastic shopping bags from our stores as of 1 July 2018. To align with the Queensland Government rules and regulations, this ban has been designed to help protect the environment and wildlife by reducing the litter and damage caused by single-use plastic bags. We now offer reusable biodegradable plastic bags which incur a 10c fee per bag. These bags are sustainable, reusable, recyclable and strong – making them the right choice.

Reusable Bags

For over a decade we have been providing customers with our IGA branded reusable tote and cooler bags. They are sturdy, easy to store, lightweight and very comfortable to carry when loaded with products. Our variety of reusable bags are available to purchase in store.

Biodegradable Packaging

Where possible, we have chosen biodegradable packaging over standardised packaging. Our sustainable packaging solutions are carried throughout our departments. Where possible, we choose packaging solutions that generate a positive impact on our environment throughout their life cycle. We have replaced our single-use plastic produce bags used in our fresh food departments with biodegradable plastic bags and when dining at Mrs Jones Kitchen, we have provided our customers with recyclable friendly straws, biodegradable cutlery, plates  and bowls.

Waste-to-landfill Management

Waste is a huge issue in the retailing world. We are focused on reducing our waste-to-landfill in all our stores. We have implemented strategic training and methods to ensure that we are consistently improving our current waste management systems in store. Our waste management systems in store ensure that the separation and recycling of flexible plastic and cardboard, and reduction of polystyrene packaging is strictly adhered to.


We love our community, but we also love our planet! We have installed the most advanced environmentally sustainable refrigeration system available using only natural refrigerants!