Fresh • Local • Value

Our Team

With our team, comes diversity! Employing over 600 locals, you will find people from all walks of life in our store on one given day.

From local school aged children starting out in their working career right through to team members who have been with us as long our stores have been – our team members are what make us who we are today! Each team members plays a vital role in the day to day running of each & every department – ensuring that customer service experience you receive is of the highest standards, which will keep you coming back for more!

Our team members thrive in our fast-paced & dynamic workplace, with a desire to go the extra mile making a difference in not only our customers shopping experience but their day!

Fresh Produce

Our Fresh Produce team are the face of our store, where customers are greeted by the vibrancy & visual appeal of our premium freshly sourced produce. Our Fruit and vegetables are sourced daily by our very own buyers either directly from the farm or from our team at the Brisbane Markets. Our preparation team bring a product to our customers like no other. Daily you’ll find freshly prepared salads, prepared fruit & vegetables & daily squeezed orange juice – straight off the produce bunks in store! We love the market feel within our produce department and our team go the extra mile to always let our fresh fruit & vegetables shine!


Our Delicatessen team members know their product! Whether it be their “go-to” pick on a cured meat for your charcuterie board or what olive would best compliment your cheese grazing board, our team’s knowledge and passion for food is unrivaled.  

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service & this is what we are known for. Our skilled & personable Checkout Operators combine their expertise scanning & packing skills harmoniously to ensure that every shop with us is efficient, enjoyable & fun!


What’s a supermarket without stock? Our team of highly skilled grocery & perishable team are If you are searching for a particular product in store, wanting a product ordered in our team are more than happy & willing to assist with all thing’s supermarket related. At Jones & Co Grocer, you will find competitively priced groceries and over & above J&Co Specials on a weekly basis.

The Butchery

Our Butchery department comprise of expertise butchers’ apprentices & service team with years of food experience! With an early start daily the Butchery team set up their serviced gourmet display case every morning from scratch.  Our Butchery team come with years of knowledge & experience; with a finesse of great knife skills you won’t see anywhere else. The team specialize in their gourmet handcrafted sausages, Dry Aged beef, low & slow product and fast & easy meal solutions in their gourmet serviced case. Our Butcher hand pick the quality meat we serve either direct or from our very own Jones & Co production facility.


In the middle of the night, while the world sleeps, our incredible team of bakers are busy baking our famous Artisan loaves, specialty breads & bakery goods. It is the drive & passion our bakers display, which makes the Bakehouse what it is today!

Mrs Jones Kitchen

Chefs, cooks & baristas are what make up our passionate café team at Mrs Jones Kitchen. Starting at 5am every morning to prepare for the store opening, you will always be greeted by a friendly face behind the coffee machine. The coffee is divine… but it is the customer service that keeps our customers coming back!

Little Sushi Co

Little Sushi Co is our own unique brand. Our team at the Little Sushi Co are one of a kind. We have a highly skilled team of qualified Sushi chefs who pride themselves on creating authentic sushi rolls, poke bowls, bento boxes and so much more. What sets our team apart from the rest is their passion & love for their work, which they showcase with their presentation of food.


Our Cheesemongers live & breathe cheese! They say that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life & our team at the Fromagerie can vouch for that. Our Fromagerie stocks a range of more than 300 cut and wrapped cheeses from around the world. With a range so extensive & varied, it may be hard to choose the right cheese or cheeses for your event. But with the help of our friendly Cheesemongers, choosing the cheese has never been so easy – they can even help you pick the perfect pairings for your chosen cheeses!

The Fishmonger’s Catch

Our Fishmonger’s know their seafood. With a 5am start time for the early shift, our team at the Fishmonger’s Catch set up from scratch daily their serviced seafood gourmet case. Our team have a fantastic relationship with local Queensland Trawlers, sourcing the finest quality products.


Our passionate team in our Gifting department go above & beyond for our customers. Whether that be ordering in a particular product they are after, decorating advice or simply a store query, our gifting team are always there to assist. Keep an eye out for new ranges hitting the store regularly.  

Support Team

Although working in the background, our Support Team is what keeps the wheels turning in motion – dedicated in helping our stores thrive & succeed. We have a team of expertise & skilled people who look after human resources, marketing, finance, technology & everything in between. Although the team work in the background, they are integral to the daily operations of the stores, recruiting the right people with the support they deserve!